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I live in Concord, CA

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Jacqueline Sppizamiglio Trovato

Hello, I currently live in a house in Concord, Ca. My "Dream" is to sell my house. The buyer would have to lift it and take it. Then I would like to build 5 tiny houses in my lot. My house is 1080 sf. I really, really need to do his. I am tired of living sad days with two room mates. I want to live alone with my two small dogs. I am willing to work for ever if I get to have this dream. My zip code is 94521. Do you think you could fulfill my dream? Please help me.
So sad,

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Posted Sep 11, 2017
Princess Sims
Princess Sims
Sep 13, 2017

Hello Jacqueline,

I totally agree with you. I live in Concord too. I don't own but I will NEVER buy in California. My dream is to own my Tiny on wheels with my three small dogs. I hope your dream comes soon :-)

Posted by Princess Sims on Sep 13, 2017
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