Joshua Woods
I'm Joshua, I moved to New Orleans about a year ago and I love it so far. I believe that this city will be the city to change the world. I've met so may creative people since moving here.
I'm a co-founder of a, a localized social network for New Orleans. I'm a artist and I have a few ideas that I think would effect the city in a good way.
I'm looking forward to what everyone in New Orleans will create the city into.   

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Joshua Woods

I'm working on new bus maps, I have a mockup design template done but I need a graphic designer or someone who would like help on the project. Printing and downloading is already set so all that is left is to design and create a pdf. If anyone would like to lend a hand hit me up

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Posted Jul 23, 2012
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Joshua Woods

How would it start?

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Posted Jul 5, 2012
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