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This needs to happen. In fact we voted on it in 2012 and we were supposed to get a city center. In fact there's a few million dollars we should have allocated to do such.

The plan was laid out here:

Not sure if the city center was completely tossed out in favor of the proposed ASU campus. Would be nice to get an update on things.

Macdonald from Main to Pepper would be great for this. People could still drive on center or Robson.

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Posted Aug 18, 2017
Sep 1, 2017

A City Center, check out Center and Main there is a Huge ART CENTER open to the public we dont need another space for no one to utilize. Downtown Mesa needs people not symbolic parks

Posted by Rich on Sep 1, 2017
Luis Montes
Luis Montes
Sep 14, 2017

The MAC is great, love going to shows there.

I agree 100% that downtown needs more people, which is exactly what the proposal is trying to help with. The MAC's location makes is a driving destination. Right after the events, people get back in their cars and leave the area. When events happen on Macdonald there's spill over to the local businesses like Volstead, Desert Eagle, Gotham, Slickables, Queens, etc. Can't see this changing until walkable businesses increase east of the MAC. So why not build upon what we have for a while?

Posted by Luis Montes on Sep 14, 2017
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