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One thing you can do now, if on Facebook connect to below page;
also note, in many cases the police themselves are supporting vs opposing the noise. In San Francisco many police bikes are themselves illegal.
The Bay area starts many movements for change let's make this one;

Concerned Citizens Against Loud Motorcycles CCALM

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Posted Oct 11, 2017
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Martin Lavin

Rick Holtsclaw is doing and continues to do great work on this.
Nationwide there is little success so far. As a former motorcycle dealer I am 100% against this narcissistic attention getter.
We (in the Bay area) may be better positioned to address the issue, San Francisco sees itself as a social and legislative pioneer. Often things start on the West Coast and spread throughout the world. Smoking bans in bars and restaurants for one. At the time the success of that initiative seemed impossible.
A major point, the exhaust noise magnifier is close to the ground level. Closer to the ears of children.
The noise is far over the level that will damage their hearing for life. If we are concerned that rock music will damage adolescent ears then this noise is many times louder, involuntary, and down at their level. If you worked in a factory this noise level would violate OSHA. Infants are exposed to it all the time.
Another complicating point, (Rick may back me up on this). Many cops are sympathetic to the noise, even supporting it. Worse, my estimate is the average police motorcycle in San Francisco has illegal sound from its muffler. Keep in mind (as a former dealer) this an act of commission not omission. A mechanic had to alter the police bike intentionally to make that sound. The bikes don't come that way. So step one is to get police compliance. Any way right on let'S do something.

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Posted Aug 30, 2017
Steven McGlocklin
Steven McGlocklin
Aug 30, 2017

Agreed, Martin. I probably wore out Supervisor David Chiu, Julie Christensen, and now Aaron Peskin with my complaints about. Aaron has been particularly unhelpful. His two predecessors acrually took time to respond to my emails, so I do give them credit, though nothing got done. Similarly, Captains Lazaar and Yep at Central Station are sympathetic, but have either been unwilling to do anything, or their meager efforts have been ineffective. Peskin doesn't seem to have an interest in things that won't give him a headline. Basically, in this city, if you're neither a millionaire/billionaire nor homeless, you don't have much influence. If google maps routed the motorcycles to upper Broadway in Pacific Heights, things would change fast. No one enforces the law, and I imagine the fine is so inconsequential that it is neither a deterrent to the violators, or an incentive to the City to enforce it. I've suggested highly publicized crackdowns in problem areas such as The Embarcadero and North Beach a few times each year to serve as a reminder. It was done and publicized a few years ago, and that was BEFORE social media. It would be more effective now. As you point out, noise pollution is pollution, and it's not benign. Hearing damage is obvious, but just as serious is the needless elevation of stress that occurs physiologically in response to sudden loud noise in an already noisy city. The solution is,obvious, but the city won't take it seriously.

Posted by Steven McGlocklin on Aug 30, 2017
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