I live in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn

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I've lived in Brooklyn for years and the G train is, unfortunately, the closest train to me. I get off at the Bedford and Nostrand Avs. stop. The thing is, I remember the G actually being a little better than it is. Court square never use to be the last stop, I thought that was temporary. It use to go all the way to Continental Ave. How can the G even be considered a Brooklyn/Queens crosstown train when it barely even touches Queens? I remember when I could get off at Queens Plaza, take the R one stop to 59th and Lex and be in midtown just like that. I also remember that I could get to Astoria just by taking the G. Plus, the fact that they're so few cars is ridiculous! Why should Brooklyn and Queens residents who live closest to the G have to continue to suffer? Is it being constantly neglected because it's the only regular train that doesn't go into Manhattan or what?!?!

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Posted Mar 30, 2013
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