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Morgan Fitzgibbons
Morgan Fitzgibbons
Oct 21, 2015
Morgan Fitzgibbons proposed this event for NOW! Festival.

Monday, November 2, 2015, 2:00pm - 2:30 pm
611 Baker St @ Fulton

I challenge you to a game (match?) of tetherball. Some kind soul has attached a ball to a street sign in front of 611 Baker at Fulton. I will try to wrap it around the pole clockwise while you attempt the same counter-clockwise. I'll even give you the uphill ground.

We did this last NOW! festival and it might have been my favorite 30 minutes of the whole week. Let's do this!

Who Went?

Josh Hayes
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Morgan Fitzgibbons

The NOW! Festival got a nice mention in a John King article in the Chronicle -


Viz Valley fair celebrates a spot unmarred by gentrification

On an ideal Indian summer day, the quiet commercial strip of what everyone calls Viz Valley played host to a low-key street fair where most of the faces were local in a crowd that, like the neighborhood on the city’s southern border, was diverse and attitude-free. There were clusters of elderly Asian women — no surprise in a neighborhood of...

Posted Oct 16, 2015
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