Neal J.Z. Schwartz
CCA ARCHITECTURE  | Market Street Prototyping Festival

Neal J. Z. Schwartz, Associate Professor
Guerrilla Street Museum,  Fridays, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm 
Interdisciplinary Architecture Studio, Spring 2015

Urban street beautification projects, like many large-scale urban renewal efforts of the past, often confuse “beauty” with cleanliness, sweeping the unsavory realities of the street aside.  This studio develops designs for a Guerrilla Street Museum as a way to engage and activate the street while simultaneously revealing and critiquing what beautification often seeks to hide.

The studio will use the framework of the current Market Street Prototyping Festival planned for April, 2015, to look at the history of attempts to reinvigorate this urban thoroughfare.  The festival seeks a broad range of small-scale design prototypes to improve the street as a more engaged and vibrant urban space.  To add specificity to our work, we will use Larkin Street Youth Services as a “client”, designing our street museum to reflect and promote their agenda.  Larkin Street provides a range of services to homeless and at risk youth in San Francisco and has been particularly critical to the LGBTQ community here.   

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