A small-business incubator revitalizing neighborhoods, block by block.
Co-founders Sarah Filley and Alfonso Dominguez launched popuphood in Old Oakland, California, in September 2011.

Popuphood is defining a collective impact approach to rethinking local retail and its role as a strategic tool for revitalization. By aligning their goals of neighborhood renewal with strategic partnerships in workforce and business development they leverage the larger business, government and tech sectors to connect micro-businesses to a larger shared economy of mutual success in a down economy. Through these partnerships they have expanded their capacity to provide up to 6 months free rent to each of the retailers as well as tools, services, products, resources to support these interim businesses to sign a long term lease.

The success of popuphood in Old Oakland demonstrates that today’s micro-entrepreneurs are having a macro economic impact. Popuphood provides a platform for developers and building owners to look at the triple bottom line and to assess their role as partners in the economic health of the broader community. Acting as a bridge for government agencies to invest in people they focus on the genius of hyper-local creative and community capital for solutions with global reach.

Popuphood is a for profit social enterprise. Through planning, design and engagement we define creative place-making for municipalities, developers, creatives, and retailers. Say hello info@popuphood.com

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