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Sandy Rosenthal, Founder of
Our mission: for the vetted facts on the New Orleans flooding during Katrina to become household knowledge, namely that the disaster was due to human mistakes, not the fury of a hurricane.   

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Sandy Rosenthal, Founder of is raising funds to build an Open-air Levee Exhibition in New Orleans. We will work in partnership with the neighborhood residents of Gentilly whose homes were flooded when federally built levees failed during Katrina. The money will be used to build informative exhibits and to plant a beautiful garden at the east breach site of the London Avenue Canal.

The goal is for visitors to learn about and reflect upon the historic event which changed the lives of over a million people. The exhibit and garden will be a memorial to the trauma of the Flood, a commemoration of a pivotal moment in American history, and a symbol of the residents’ resilience and determination to return home.

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Letter Writing Campaign
Friday, September 27, 2013, 9:00am
New Orleans

The new Levee Authority East has filed lawsuit against 97 oil, gas and pipeline companies demanding that they fix the coastal wetlands that they had destroyed. Because the coast protects us from hurricane flooding.

Please send an email to these members. You can email the whole group at once:,,,,,,,,,,,

As a suggestion, you can tell them this:

Please do not yield to pressure from the Governor nor the oil and gas industry. Please recommend a list of qualified applicants for the Flood Authority East by the September 30th deadline. Failing to do so means the Governor can choose whoever he wants.

It's critical that you send your emails by 9 a.m. CST Mon Sept 30.

Who Went?

Candy Chang
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Sandy Rosenthal, Founder of

Sign our petition to Jo Ellen Darcy, head of the Army Corps. Demand to know where there are flood walls with performance concerns.

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