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SarahAshley Oliver proposed this resource for Public pools in Mesa.

Mesa does have plenty of public pools. You can find them at jr highs and high schools. They cost up to $4 for adults.

What i suggest is to have more pools like chandler. Chandler pools cost less and seem to be safer. They have whirlpools, lazy rivers (i know Mesa High has one), a huge kids play structure (basically put playground equipment in the water), there was a food truck, they have adult slides, a splash pad and tons of covered seating areas. All of this was just at ONE pool. Mesa pools would be so much more popular if they had all that. I know id buy a season ticket.

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Posted Aug 3, 2017
Stephanie Phipps Lanphear

It would be great if they were open more during the year and have longer hours.

Posted by Stephanie Phipps Lanphear on Oct 22, 2017
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