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Bike racks inside the parking structures.
Defined bike lanes on Gullen Mall and other major pedestrian/bike paths.
Bike/skate park.
More bike decoy programs!

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Posted Oct 15, 2014
Aragorn Steiger
Aragorn Steiger
Oct 15, 2014

The limited amount of bike parking on campus is ridiculous. Especially at Matthaei, and the commercial strip along Anthony Wayne Drive. Heads of WSU facilities should visit MSU for notes on bike parking. I was there last year and was amazed.

Posted by Aragorn Steiger on Oct 15, 2014
Wayne State University
Wayne State University
Nov 26, 2014

Thanks for sharing, Steven and Aragorn! These are great ideas.

We are absolutely interested in more bike-friendly amenities on campus and are taking your suggestion to research what other universities are doing. Please feel free to share specific ideas, links or images from other places.

Posted by Wayne State University on Nov 26, 2014
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