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An idea for Geary as part of a larger system from the Transport Politic -


Crossing the Bay Again -- But Not Necessarily with BART

» A Geary Boulevard heavy rail line could dramatically improve transportation in San Francisco. Yet connecting it to the regional network wouldn't require using -- and perhaps shouldn't use -- BART...

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The Overhead Wire

For those interested, @transbay has done excellent work documenting the history on this street -


A Tale of Geary Street

To incur a bonded indebtedness by the City and County of San Francisco to the amount of $1,900,000.00 for the purpose of the acquisition and completion of a street railway over and along Geary stre...

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The Overhead Wire

I think it is fine but they promised us that it would be faster to complete than light rail but here we are a decade later with no upgrades at all. Given this is our most heavily traveled corridor outside of the transbay trip, I think we really need to do something to make the Richmond and points West more accessible faster.

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