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Tom K.

This is a great idea, Maurice.

Not QUITE a piazza, but I'm really inspired by the redo that Fort Worth, Texas did with Sundance Square. I'd love a town square there.

Ft. Worth's Sundance Square Plaza

While in Dallas for the CNU23 conference, I found myself wanting to explore. It was my second time there in less than a year and I was intrigued as to if Fort Worth…

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Posted Oct 2, 2017
Maurice Bizzarri
Maurice Bizzarri
Oct 3, 2017

Looks good to me! I'm not sure I want to take up so much space with a water feature - I was thinking a little more modestly.
But, definitely a great idea generator! The giant umbrellas are a great feature. Rincon Plaza will be a great gathering point.

Posted by Maurice Bizzarri on Oct 3, 2017
Tom K.
Tom K.
Oct 5, 2017

Agreed that the water feature probably wouldn't fit well in the Rincon Plaza :)

However, would be cool to have further water features on the landside along Embarcedero building off the landmark Ruth Asawa fountain:

So many people walk on the water side and having a fountain walk along the landside of the Embarcadero may be a good way to draw folks into the district.

Posted by Tom K. on Oct 5, 2017
Maurice Bizzarri
Maurice Bizzarri
Nov 1, 2017

In general, I think it would be good to start discussing what to do with that entire lot - the current "Temporary Transbay Terminal". I don't know if you talked about it on Monday - I just came back from two weeks in China on Sunday and was jet lagged and (still) getting over a cold. That lot is 550' x 275', if I read the city plans correctly.

Posted by Maurice Bizzarri on Nov 1, 2017
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