Tsungwei Moo
I've been chosen as one of the 10 finalists for San Francisco Beautiful's Muni Art program.

However to get my artwork on San Francisco Muni buses, I need your vote by clicking on the link here and then click on "Me too" for Tsungwei Moo in the first panel. Only the top five with the most votes will appear on buses throughout the City. 

I want to create Muni art inspired by my beautiful home - San Francisco and share the joy thru my art. Please help by voting today and spreading the word. 

Thank you for voting.


Tsungwei Moo


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Tsungwei Moo

Hey, that's cool idea about the crosswalk . I am an artist. I want to put my artwork on Muni business in San Francisco. Please support me vote for me on Muni Art project. thank u. click " Me too"


406 neighbors want From macro to micro on Muni in San Francisco

Proposal “HI, hi, hi” is my response to Diane di Prima’s poem. “HI, hi, hi” is the message delivered by life to a boy on his bike, just beginning life’s journey. My art, like poetry, celebrates life in the sudden ash of the essential. When colors, gesture, details, emotions are crystalized into a new experience. The poetry of San Francisco is...


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Posted Aug 16, 2017
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