Uri Pachter
I have lived in large, bustling cities where everything I wanted was less than 20 minutes away and quiet, college towns where I was surrounded by natural beauty. However, until I moved to the Bay Area, I hadn't lived in a place that offered the best of both worlds.

I love being so close to regional parks while still having access to vibrant places. When I'm in downtown Mountain View, I feel a part of something, as I see seniors and children, people in cars and people on bikes supporting local businesses, meeting neighbors, and enjoying being outside.

I previously worked at Greenbelt Alliance.

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Uri Pachter
Uri Pachter
Mar 3, 2015

Shared Garden Input Needed!
Thursday, March 5, 2015, 6:30pm
Mountain View Senior Center, 266 Escuela

Show up and support shared community gardens for the new park at 771 Rengstorff.

Hi. Thanks for supporting community gardens and shared gardens.

Soil&Water could use your help at an important upcoming meeting!

On March 5, 2015 @ 6:30pm (Thursday) will be the first community meeting for input on 771 Rengstorff (the newest city park). This meeting will create the design for the park so idea's brought up at the meeting on Thursday will be considered.

Location: Mountain View Senior Center, 266 Escuela Avenue

Background: Last year, Soil&Water made a lot of progress advocating for gardens to the City of Mountain View. The city has listened and incorporated exact wording for creating gardens into an official plan which allows more community gardens to be created. The first opportunity is 771 Rengstorff. This is a great fit and city staff are really considering it because the property:

Already has existing fruit trees (100+).
It was voted to be a passive park, which means gardens are a great fit.
It would create a community gathering space focused around food and growing food.
It already has bee hives on the property which make a garden better.
So much potential for creating a garden program for the community that includes people of all ages, kids, cooking classes, gardening classes, weekly volunteering.
Soil&Water has funding to create this project and has Kiwanis of Mountain View and Los Altos Community Foundation support.
This is our first opportunity and if this succeeds, there will be more gardens in the city.

So mark your calendar for Thursday, March 5, 2015! You have the power to affect the plans for this park.

It is only by showing up and expressing support for shared community gardens that the city will incorporate this into their plans for the new park at 771 Rengstorff. www.mountainview.gov/civicax/c...

Also, please help me spread the word to others.
Kavita from Soil&Water

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