N-Judah Turnaround Beautification Project

How can we beautify the N-Judah Turnaround?

The corner of La Playa and Judah is a lively corner in the Outer Sunset district where the Muni line meets up with Ocean Beach. In recent years, residents created “La Playa Park” (located in the median near the N Judah Turnaround) to help unify the Outer Sunset community.

The project’s goal is to beautify the immediate area surrounding the N-Judah Turnaround and will further establish our neighborhood as a distinct community and will help us create a healthier, safer, more vibrant and economically stronger place to live, work and visit.

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Participants (173)

Alan Joseph Williams
Ben Blumenfeld
Erik Michaels-Ober
Daniel Homsey
Luke Bornheimer
Fiona Tang
Laura Gluhanich
Eric Pan
A. L. Pisani
N-Judah Turnaround Beautification Project
K. Yarnal
Aaron Perry-Zucker
Lex Leifheit
Sandra Blue


La Playa Street and Judah Street

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