What would make KONO a more livable community?

Asked by popuphood
After a year of success in Old Oakland, popuphood has been contracted to assess and strategize around the 15 blocks along Telegraph Ave. from 20th to 35th. We are deeply committed to connecting the area with regional stakeholders and investors to strengthen the local economy and communicate the cultural, artistic, and strategic advantages of this transitional corridor. We are looking for great businesses, better transit and digital infrastructure, increased publicity and government engagement and investment in this neighborhood.

These blocks define the Koreatown Northgate (KONO) Community Benefits District (CBD). A 9 person nonprofit board oversees the assessment based funds to ensure the district is safe, clean and promoted. The commercial property owners along this district voted to approve forming a CBD for that area in July of 2007. We want to hear from you-residents, cyclists, workforce, business owners, and developers.

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