Public Square Sponsors

Our program launched in the fall of 2013 and wrapped up in October of 2015. Our sponsors were: Health Trust, Google, and Silicon Valley Community Foundation.
What’s next? 
We’ll be using everything we learned here to make communities around the Bay Area even better places to live. But don’t worry! While things will look a little different, not much will change. All your ideas will remain on Neighborland, and your log-in won’t change either. So, please continue the conversation. How can we make Mountain View a better place for everyone?

About Greenbelt Alliance
Public Square is a project of Greenbelt Alliance. For nearly 60 years, we have shaped the amazing places of the Bay Area to protect the region’s open spaces and ensure everyone can live in a thriving neighborhood that they are proud to call home. Please stay in touch to learn more about our work in Silicon Valley and beyond! Sign up for monthly news at