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How can we temporarily transform Scott Street into a better place for people walking and biking?

Through numerous community discussions, residents and business owners in the West San Carlos and South Bascom Urban Villages have called for streets that are safer for people walking and biking. One priority in the area is the completion of a bikeway on Scott Street.

This spring, residents, business owners and active transportation advocates are spearheading an effort to create a 1-day “demonstration project” showing what a safer Scott Street could look like.

How to get involved
Take a look at the ideas listed here. "Me too" ideas you support and would like to get involved with. Add new ideas of your own. Ask your friends and neighbors to “me too” and add ideas as well. We'll be sharing your ideas with the City of San Jose, and working to include as many of your favorite ideas as possible in a pop-up demonstration project this Spring!

Questions? Comments? Contact Us!
This project is led by Greenbelt Alliance, the Street Plans Collaborative, and residents and business owners in the West San Carlos and South Bascom Avenue urban villages. Have questions? Want to get more involved? Contact us!

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