San Francisco State – Bayview Hunters Point

How can we help make Bayview Hunters Point a better place?

San Francisco State University is considering opening a new campus in Bayview Hunters Point. The goal of the new campus is to provide educational and career growth opportunities that would give Bayview residents direct access to some of the university’s most innovative projects. We also want to work with the residents to create a successful educational experience that includes earning a college degree. We began this process with an open and honest dialogue with the community about how we can help make the neighborhood safer, healthier, and more vibrant. All of that data is archived here on Neighborland.

Who's Involved?
We are working closely with District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen, Bayview YMCA, Providence Baptist Church, and the Resilient Bayview Coalition.

We’ve included ideas submitted by Bayview Hunters Point residents at senseofplace LAB’s SPOTLIGHT project in the fall of 2014. If you have collected community ideas from past events or workshops, please let us know.
Need help?
If you have any questions, contact us.  

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