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How can we improve our Love + Resist toolkits?

The Ida B. Wellness Project encourages communities to consider what they need to feel safe and free. With input from residents, the Love + Resist Kit will arm community members with information and objects they need to safely resist the many ways in which our communities and values are under attack.

Our goals for the Love + Resist Kit are to produce and disseminate actual toolkits to be used by resisters/activists/protestors/community members. These kits will contain information about legal rights and whom to call for help, as well as objects such as bandages, masks and lozenges to protect against/counteract the effects of pepper spray, etc. Each of the tools in the kit serve to promote safety while engaging in resistance that is often met with state violence and repression.

This project is part of Field Work, a new partnership between YBCA, the YBCA Fellows, and Neighborland, supported by the National Endowment for the Arts

How to get involved
Please share your insights here on how we can make this toolkit more effective. If there is information or objects that we should include, please let us know by sharing your insight with the "I want ____" form below.

About Field Work
Field Work is a new partnership between YBCA and Neighborland, with deep participation by the YBCA Fellows and supported by the National Endowment for the Arts. The goal of Field Work is to empower residents in San Francisco and Oakland to shape the development of their own neighborhoods.

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