A toolkit for
civic projects.

What is Neighborland?

Our software empowers civic leaders to collaborate with residents in an accessible, participatory, and enjoyable way. We provide real-world design tools and a powerfully simple platform to engage people on the web. We have worked with hundreds of civic organizations in the United States, including city agencies, universities, foundations, and local non-profits.

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How does it work?

1. Start by Listening


Organizations start Projects by asking a question. We encourage organizers to engage people in public space and online.

2. Collect Insights

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Start your project with a good question.

Collect insights from workshops and public installations, SMS, Twitter, and on Neighborland. Map insights to specific places. All participant data is uploaded to your project website. Your project website will work on all mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

Case Studies:

"How can we make UN Plaza a better place in San Francisco?"
"How can we make Washington Avenue a better place in Houston?"
"What would you like to see in Mountain View?"

3. Discuss and Vote

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People discuss and prioritize project ideas.

Residents “me too” ideas to up-vote and subscribe to updates on that issue. They discuss and share insights on how to make ideas they support happen. You share events and message all your supporters during the key inflection points of your project

Case Studies:

"We want food trucks in New Orleans."
"We want bike lanes on Decatur Avenue."
"We want to harvest blight from empty lots in Memphis."

4. Take Action

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Help make great ideas happen.

We have sophisticated moderation, clustering, and de-duplication tools for organizers to aggregate all of the data from residents. Our reports make it easy for organizers to see trends in the data, make decisions, allocate resources, and keep participants involved in the fun part – making their neighborhoods better places.

Case Studies:

New Orleans Food Truck Coalition
UN Plaza in San Francisco
San Francisco State University

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“Our mission is to empower residents to shape the development of their neighborhoods. As a company, we license our web-based platform at neighborland.com to civic organizations. We also provide a set of human-centered design tools to engage residents in public space and at community events. Our goal is to improve the way city agencies, local organizations, universities, and foundations collaborate with their stakeholders so that their projects reflect the desires of their communities.”